@Twitter Basics for #smallbusiness- Part 2

Last week we discussed how to use Twitter for your small business. Today we will discuss how you can use Twitter to maximum your message.

Like any type of social media, you should use Twitter on a regular basis in order for it to be effective.  In other words, create a social media plan for updating your Tweets. If you plan your tweets out, it will give you more time to use other Twitter features.

For example, it is important to take a look at what is currently trending on Twitter. This is a great opportunity to join a larger conversation about important industry related topics.

Likewise, someone you follow on Twitter may Tweet a message your followers might find interesting. Sharing their message with your followers is called a Re-Tweet. Make sure your Re-Tweets are quality posts that provide your followers with value.

Lastly, make sure that you use the Twitter hashtag # and connect @ symbols in your tweets. What exactly do these tweets mean?

@: Use this symbol to link your tweet to a Twitter user. Your tweet will then appear on their Twitter page.

Ex.  Enjoyed a great E-Biz Seminar this aft @CornwallBiz

#: Use this symbol to make your Tweets part of a larger conversation about the subject you are Tweeting about.

Ex. New grant program available for Ontario #smallbusiness

Anything can be made into a hashtag  # whereas the @ connect symbol can only be used to link to existing Twitter accounts.

Once you create a Twitter account, test these features out! If you make a mistake you can always delete it.

For more information on using Twitter for your business, check the Twitter guides found on their website or contact the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre.


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