Updating your Business Plan

The development of a business plan is one of the most important steps in running a successful operation. As a file that allows you to document all expenses, projections and summaries– it’s easily said that the business plan is a method of order amidst the madness of running a business. Certainly it’s easy to complete this document and toss it away only to be found years later. However, if you are interested in maximizing business potential, your plan should be updated as frequently as possible to coincide with the development of your business. This organizational strategy will permit the management of your future objectives, including how you intend to realize possible growing techniques.

But how often should you consider updating your business plan? Truthfully, the answer is always. As there are changes to your business, you should use the tool to your advantage. Without the business plan to outline your intended development strategies, you may find yourself with limited direction. While it may not serve directly to generate revenue, it certainly assists in establishing detailed information on the proper course of action toward business success within the next several years.

Some things to focus on when updating your plan:

  • Financial revenue section: you should use the cash flow section as a great budgetary tool. Focus on your projected revenue and cash flow. You could be losing financial opportunities without having a true understanding of how the business is working and what money is coming in or going out.
  • Look at recent changes: your business plan should address the various changes since your journey began. These notable changes might be in product development, service efforts or marketing procedures.  As your business looks to the future, you might notice that existing strategies may no longer be relevant in the industry. In such case, business plans serve to critically assess current models and how they respond to changing industry developments.
  • Focus on the Customers: consider your current demographics, do you see any changes?  Have you explored which customers are providing the majority of your incomes? The ongoing updating of your business plan can be a great tool to record this statistical data.

All in all, never allow your business plan to become obsolete. Recognize that all components to business will change over time to meet certain trends and markets and see the potential that the plan has to offer. At the very least, glance over previous ideas, revisit the plan and allow it to become a guide toward healthy business success.



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