Using Google to Effectively Promote your Business: Adwords

Part 2: Google Adwords

If you have explored several SEO strategies, and you have noticed that you haven’t been getting the right amount of traffic to your website, you may want to consider using Adwords. Adwords is a service that allows businesses to display their advertisements on Google. While they might cost you, you will have peace of mind knowing that you will appear on the main page in Google. Not only will you appear above, beside and below search listings, your advertisement will be the first thing interested users will see. In fact, these paid search listings actually trump organic clicks. Roughly 65% of people interested in purchasing an item will click on advertisements. That’s a huge number when you factor in how many searches occur every second alone.

You can also appeal to particular demographics. Using keywords, you can identify the words or sentences that are related to your business so when relevant content is searched, your business will appear on Google and its affiliated websites. Despite having to pay for these advertisements, you will have the ability to set a cap on the amount you will be spending on these ads. With cost-per-click (CPC) bidding, you will only be charged whenever someone clicks on your webpage. This cost will vary according to the business category: in a crowded space such as “insurance”- you can expect almost $56 per click alone. “Loans” are a close second with about $44 per click.

If you are looking to continue using Google adwords, a trick might be to think of different keywords that might imply the business category, such as insurance, without mentioning the word—although this can prove to be quite tricky. For a traditionally unsaturated market you are looking at about 20 cents per click. Analyze all keywords to determine which one might be the best for your adwords campaign.

Remember that Google will want you to bid as much as possible… but do so, and you may end up bankrupt. Try challenging the bid. You may not appear on the first page right away, but you will have more money to work with in the long run, and your adwords campaign will have a greater longevity.

A few things to remember when considering adwords:

  1. All about relevance. Make sure to use the appropriate keywords and never saturate your advertisement with too many keywords that do not apply to your business. Should you choose to do so, your competitors will walk away with qualified clicks. You will likely be wasting your money as the viewers may not have any intention of purchasing your products.
  2. Use events or blogs. Often times, adwords will work effectively when promoting an event or blog for a business. Use these pages as your display advertisement to allow visitors to recognize the personality of your brand.
  3. Don’t use it as your only source of advertising. Consider other methods as well. Actively participating online will create a buzz about your business. Allow your business to radiate, and let others witness it. They will want to follow you in the end.
  4. Always monitor your progression and rate of return. If you have looked at how many viewers you are getting relative to your number of sales, and you are in the negatives, you may want to reconsider using Adwords.

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