A Few Words on Buzz Marketing

It is often said that one person can make or break a business. It’s no secret that your business is consistently being examined from every angle by the public. And while building a client base is important for business, converting them to fans is paramount. You want customers who passionately believe in your business, who support your efforts wholeheartedly and who are willing to invest time and time again. But getting to that point can sometimes be tricky. Despite your best efforts with various forms of technology, often times the best way to get a following is to generate a buzz through word of mouth (or buzz) marketing. Perhaps more so than any other form of marketing, a few positive words can generate a genuine interest and translate to newly engaged supporters and followers in the blink of an eye. Buzz marketing is effective primarily due to its influential and trustworthy nature. It is only human nature to inform others of the personal experiences we have had, whether that is good or bad. If you have the ability to convert one customer into a fan, they will likely tell their friends, and their friends will tell theirs… so on and so forth. In the same way a rumour can spread like wildfire, if you have successfully converted fans to your business, you can rest assured you will cause quite a buzz yourself. Here are two of the most important qualities of a successful business:

  1. Friendliness. People typically want to feel at home when they enter a business. Many can acknowledge that feeling of discomfort when customer service is lacking… tension, discomfort and overall dissatisfaction. If the business doesn’t appear to value personal interactions, the sudden (and only natural) feeling of spending your money elsewhere might set in. If, on the other hand, the business has demonstrated a keen interest in the individual to ensure they are satisfied, it is almost certain that the individual will spread the word in one way or another. This is the top reason for others to recommend your business, because it instills the highest amount of trust. Focus on the individual and the news will only spread from there. Remember that quality and professionalism are key!
  2. Incentive. While great service is important, people will want to see the incentive of purchasing from your business. Your business can be compared to a house. While the outside structure is captivating, there must be an internal structure as well. Without the concrete rooms and floors, there is nothing fundamentally there for the customer to purchase… and very little incentive to invest. The same can be said of your business. Provide great customer service, and provide a valuable product or service worth being invested in.

To start off in the right direction with word of mouth marketing, begin with your closest friends and family and ask them to spread the word. You could also generate contests and promotional offers for those who share photos on Facebook or those who refer your business to maximize buzz marketing. Remember that while word of mouth marketing is important, you should always include other forms of marketing as well. You will still want your business to be known; so that when people hear of it they will be reminded of the positive experience that others have had with your business. Success will only increase from there.


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