Creating a Business Logo

Have you ever glanced at a logo and knew automatically which corporation it represented? This is the result of a properly formulated logo. Take for example the classic Apple logo, or Starbucks’ notable green twin-tailed mermaid. These impressive logos leave a resounding impression on viewers, who are immediately able to identify them as they are seen. Creating a well executed logo is paramount for larger corporations, but can be equally as beneficial for small business owners.

A logo is the visual representation of your company. It graphically imparts brand information to everyone who views it. As a tiny representation of your business, viewers can get a glimpse into your business ultimately informing them whether your organization is creative or conservative, playful or serious. Creating the perfect logo is not as easy as it seems, especially bearing in mind the representational message it can transmit. It will take creativity and diligence to capture the essence of your company with just a momentary glance.

You will want to consider developing a quality logo in order to look more professional and established. There will be a certain amount of trust that will be associated with a well-developed logo. It will convey that you are reputable and committed to your business through the refinement of your marketing efforts. This will in turn solidify and enhance your brand image and leave a lasting impression.

Remember that a logo should be able to last for several a few years. It’s a long term business investment, and should be regarded as such.  Know your brand personality, values, target market, competition and budget to have it reproduced. Once you have devised your strategy you can then go on to select the appropriate designer to implement the logo. Look for artists with previous business experience and explore their past work to ensure their approach coincides with the vision for your business.


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