Naming Your Business

At the onset of launching your business, you will have already identified the type of industry you would like to enter. You will have likely established the product or service you would like to sell as well, in addition to its structure. But coming up with a name that corresponds with the vision you have established for your business can be a bit challenging, especially since the name is the first thing people will see. It’s your one chance to let the vision for your business shine. Before registering your name, spend some time considering many names. Getting other people’s opinion will only help strengthen your decision. Once you’re confident in the formation and the character of your business you can then proceed to think of possible names.

Some things to keep in mind when selecting a name:

1. Should be reflective of your brand.
Ensure that people can identify the type of industry or have a general idea for the product or service you’re going to be selling. You can do so by including key words relative to your industry in your name so people will have a better idea of your business. Keep in mind that the name you choose shouldn’t just be one that appeals to you, but should also appeal to your target customer.

2. Be creative.
You can consider making up words that do not exist currently, so that you can coin the word to your business, or you can alternate existing words to have new forms of spelling or meanings. Ensure that the name coincides rightly with the vision set for your business. Were you looking for something a little bit trendier? Maybe conservative? Fun? Professional? These are all things you will have to consider when selecting your name.

Remember never to rush the process of selecting a name for your business. Take your time and alternate between different names to identify one that will best suit the vision you have for your business.

Always search up existing business names. Take advantage of search engines like Google and Yahoo to test the market. Not only will you gain better insight into the names that are currently being used, but you will also be able to better identify other competitors in your sector.


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