Business Advice from our four-legged Friends

Dogs have plenty to teach us about business – From doing what you are passionate about to working with a strong pack, to seizing opportunities as they come. Here are five tips you should take from your canine.

Loyalty – Just like dogs are loyal to their owners, be loyal to your customers. Loyalty will create long-term clients that will return time and time again. Developing strong relationships that go beyond work and normal duties will ensure their return. Establish a vision of what is to be accomplished and it will pay off in the long run.

Do what you love – We love dogs because they love us. They radiate so much positivity which is a key to being successful. Surround yourself and partner with positive and optimistic people. Beingsmiling-dog passionate about what you do makes it much more rewarding, and will put you on the track towards more success.

Run with a strong pack – Dogs are pack animals, they learn from each other. Create a network of people you trust, peers that are right there in the trenches with you. Connect with those who share the same entrepreneurial drive. Cultivate a mentor that has experience and can give you seasoned advice. Establish and track goals with your support group, and learn from each other’s experiences.

Sniff out hidden opportunities – Whether they are chasing squirrels or begging for treats, dogs are opportunists. Running a business is tough but sometimes life throws you an unexpected bone, take advantage and seize opportunities when they arise. Always keep a lookout for new opportunities.

Live in the moment – Dogs are experts at taking things as they come. It pays to be flexible and responsive. The amount of time you take to respond to a question or complaint is the difference between keeping and losing a client. Be ready when an opportunity knocks. An unexpected boost from the media is an opportunity to connect with your audience and react in a proactive manner.

When business is going well you could say “it’s a dog’s life.”


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