Three Reasons to Choose Entrepreneurship

Being that it is Small Busniess Week, we thought we would repost the most viewed post of all time. We hope you enjoy this popular read!

Why choose entrepreneurship? It’s a personal and important decision that stems from critical thinking and answering numerous questions, many of which are outlined in ‘How to determine if Entrepreneurship is Right for me’.

There are many articles available online that describe the various reasons individuals choose entrepreneurship. Below three of the most common reasons are outlined:

Be Your Own Boss: Being your own boss allows you to enjoy what you do for a living and control your future. If you like to be in a position of decision making, being your own boss is an attractive career option.

Passion: In order for your business to be successful, you must love what you do. Being an entrepreneur is hard work, so being able to do what you are passionate about as a career may not seem like work. It will give you the chance to immerse yourself in something you love.

Independence: As much as you are the manager of every section your business, being an entrepreneur also grants you the freedom to design your own schedule. This can allow you flexibility not granted otherwise (ex. working from home).

It also gives you the freedom to choose who you work with and decide the overall operation of the business .

Are you thinking of entrepreneurship? Take our ‘Entrepreneur Quiz’!

Are you already an entrepreneur? Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur or open a small business?

For additional articles that outline top reasons for becoming an entrepreneur, check out the links below:

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