Rules to Choosing a Business Name

A winning business name is a name that draws business itself. Creating your business name is one of the many important things you will do in the start-up process of your business. Work through these five rules for choosing a business name:

  • Memorable

Your business name should be easy when looking to find it in a phone book, directory or online. The name should be something that is easy to remember. Unique is good but difficult spellings are a bad idea.

  • Visual Element

What do you visualize when you read or hear your business name? Is there a clear image that comes to mind right away? Incorporating a visual element to your business name with help customers remember it.

  • Positive Connotation

Connotation is something with emotional meaning. Create a name with positive connotations that are associated and suitable to your business.

  • Informative 

Your business name should give potential customers some clue of what you do. This also makes it easier to remember and find your business in phone books and directories.

  • Short and Sweet 

It is important to keep it short for promotional purposes. For example; fits well on a business card, looks good on a sign or an ad, will serve well as a domain name and show up well in search for online business.

So, have you come up with your winning business name that follows these rules?


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