Marketing on Twitter

Twitter was originally created for sharing quick thoughts, but has grown into one of the three core social media platforms, beside Instagram and Facebook. The point is to grow your Twitter presence through compelling content. A potential follower won’t waste time on your page if your tweets aren’t interesting. Don’t miss out on the potential to interact with 302 million users. To make the most of your account use these four keys;

Favorite / retweet content

Finding content based on hashtags is key to growing your followers. When you “favorite” someone’s tweet, you will catch their attention. This enables you to interact with real people while you’re growing your Twitter following.

Tweet often

To ensure your account stays active, try tweeting at least once a day. There is no limit if you’re running a Twitter account for your company as long as it is relevant to your brand and will have meaning to your followers.

Interact with your followers

Tweeting your own tweets is just as important as responding to what people are saying to you on Twitter. Be sure to respond in a timely manner if someone tweets your account.

Catch Trends

Voicing your opinion on trends is one of the best ways to integrate your brand into the Twitter community. If one of your tweets goes viral through a hashtag, your Twitter following will grow dramatically. Tweet what you think about trends that catch your eye.

As Twitter continues to grow, it should be an essential part of your company’s marketing strategy. By interacting with your followers, you’ll find that they’ll become more loyal to your brand.


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