Creating a Logo for Your Business

Every successful business has a logo. McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Starbucks all have logos. You might think they have logos because they are successful businesses, but in fact having a logo can make your business succeed. This is because logos foster the idea of brand name recognition.

People don’t like to read things. People prefer symbols and images. This is why logos are such effective tools to market your business. When people see an image they immediately associate what they feel with what they see. As such, people attach the experience they have with the image they see. Use of logos offers potential customers with a way to easily recognize your brand. But how do you create a logo?

A logo should reflect your brand

A logo should be more than a picture or text. It should have meaning to you and your business. Logos should be a symbol or images, sometimes text, that reflect what you are selling or how you want the customer to feel. Remember, a logo isn’t only a branding technique; it can also be used to differentiate your business from your competitors.

The colour scheme is important

The colours you choose to use with your logo have a surprisingly important impact on people’s perception of your business. People inherently associate colours with emotions. They don’t even recognize it. This is why it’s important to choose colours that support the message you want your logo to express. A graphic designer can help you organize your logo’s colour scheme to match the message you want your logo to convey.

Hire a graphic designer

Although you may have an idea of the logo you want for your business, hiring a graphic designer is a good idea. Graphic designers understand how to make a logo look professional and can provide feedback and modifications to your logo as your business grows.


Before publicly using your logo, make sure that you trademark your logo to prevent other companies from using your brand.



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