5 Do’s and Don’ts for Your Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch – Do’s

  1. Start with a great hook. It’s crucial to attract your audience’s attention quickly. Start with a statistic, quote or question that frames the conversation and leaves your listener wanting to know more.
  2. Structure your value proposition. Once you’ve delivered the hook, jump into the details and specify the problem your business will solve.
  3. Have qualitative data to back your claim. After you’ve structured your value proposition, back your claim with data or a statistic.
  4. Spotlight the key differentiators. Point out what is unique about your idea, product or service that makes you stand out from the crowd.
  5. Give the audience a takeaway. If you’ve delivered an effective elevator pitch, your listeners will want to learn more. Hand out your business card so they can contact you.

Elevator Pitch – Don’ts

  1. Don’t wing it. An elevator pitch should come across as spontaneous, but it is crucial that you practice it.
  2. Don’t oversell it. Overselling your benefits and using words like “life-changing” can paint your pitch as unrealistic.
  3. Don’t go too heavy on the data. It is important to back up your claims, but don’t bury listeners with too much context.
  4. Don’t ignore competitors. You don’t need to list all of your competitors, but highlighting your differences will help communicate why your idea, product or service is better.
  5. Don’t forget the call to action. If you finish your pitch without giving listeners a way to contact you or find out more, you could miss out on opportunities.



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