Tips for Introvert Business Owners

Most introverts are more comfortable in small groups, very private about emotions, self-aware, thoughtful and analytical. But that doesn’t mean introverts can’t own and operate a successful business.

Here are a few tips for succeeding in business as an introvert.

Explore possibilities in your comfort zone – As an introvert; you know what comes easy and what you have to work harder for.  There are many opportunities for business development in your comfort zone. Make a list of activities with your comfort-level that are relevant to you business goals and tackle them on a regular basis, whether it meeting with clients one-on-one or networking online.

Break out of your comfort zone – Once you have a clear idea of what you are comfortable with, make a list of activities that push you out of your comfort zone. You can gain a great amount of value and learn more about yourself with these activities that make you uncomfortable. The more you stretch out of your comfort zone, the more confident you will become and get you closer to business success.

Use what you have – Take advantage of your introversion skills you already have like thinking through situations, listening closely, and acting in a strategic way to make any business situation easier. Use these skills to be better prepared for any situation.

Team up with an extrovert – Partnering up with an extrovert will not only provide support to manage day-to-day responsibilities but it will also help everyone on your team grow by giving them the opportunity to learn from each other.

Not everyone and every business is the same. Find out what works best for your personally and take things one step at a time.


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