Is your business ready for tourist season?

Many people travel during their holidays; depending on the industry you are in, the influx of tourists in your community can help increase your business activity.

As a business owner, you should look for creative ways to bring tourists into your business and boost your profile.

What’s going on?

Think about why tourists are visiting your community: Does your community hold a prominent festival or event? Are there many campgrounds located in your region? Is there a well known museum in your area? Now think about how you can work with these attractions for mutual benefit.

For example, the Glengarry Highland Games which takes place in Maxville, Ontario brings thousands of tourists to this small village each August. Hotels, restaurants and shops in the region are prepared for this occasion every year by ensuring sufficient staffing and inventory to accommodate the tourists that walk through their doors.

Also consider how your business can benefit by participating in weekly tourist attractions. Craft shows, tradeshows and flea markets are popular places for locals and tourists to frequent on the weekend. These venues are a great way to reach potential customers and network on a new level.

If you sell produce you might consider attending a local farmer’s market. We are fortunate to have markets in Cornwall, Long Sault, Chesterville, Alexandria, Maxville and Martintown.

Let them know you are here!

If you do not advertise, tourists and locals alike will not think of your business. Be sure to advertise new products or services, sales or promotions. If you have a storefront, make sure it is visually attractive to catch the attention of passers-by.

And remember…

Connect with your local tourism office. They maintain an events listing and are in connection with festival and event organizers. They can keep you in the know about what is taking place in your community.


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