Top 5 Small Business Marketing Tips

Target your customers where they hang out on social media.

To reach the full potential of your social media accounts, you must make an effort to reach your customers where they frequent most often online. Marketing directly to your potential customers on popular fan pages and groups is a great way to gain new customers while staying active online.

Don’t be afraid to sell direct online.

As ecommerce continues to grow, many businesses old and new still don’t have shopping carts on their websites. Not giving your customers the option to buy online is taking away profit from your business. For those that do offer online shopping, make sure it is set up properly so that it can be a painless transaction without question or frustration.

Use stunning imagery to grab your customers’ attention.

Using images in any marketing communications is more likely to catch your audiences’ attention than a block of words. This will not only make your marketing message pop, but it will also be more memorable with a photo.

Market to your customers how they like to be marketed to.

Put yourself in the customers’ shoes, would you want a message every day, week, month? How much is too much for your customers? How do they prefer to be communicated with? Via social media, e-newsletters, texts, etc? Your customers are only willing to absorb so much information about what you have to offer so don’t overkill it.

Hire a marketing agency so you can do more of what you love.

You didn’t start a business to do marketing, so outsource your marketing needs to an agency. If you don’t have the budget to hire a marketing firm, partner with someone you trust who has successfully marketed their business.


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