6 Financial Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Budget is a key factor when it comes to starting a business. Maintaining a healthy bottom line is an important factor to your business’s success and growth.

Business owners often make a variety of financial mistakes and let their hard-earned money leak away. Here are common mistakes and how to fix them.

  1. Overpaying at Tax Time

Every business has a responsibility to pay tax, but often overpay. Misunderstanding tax deductions or mismanaging expenses can lead to paying more than you have to. Keep track of receipts and expenses to take advantage of tax deductions at year end.

  1. Being Blinded by the Top Line

It is easy to compare your business to the competition but don’t get caught up by their top line when your bottom line is much more important.

  1. Impulse Buying During the Start-Up Phase

When starting up, it can be easy to get carried away with unnecessary expenses that can eat into your bottom line. Focus on expenses that are necessary to start, then when your business is more profitable think about buying that new desk or replacing old technology.

  1. Diversifying Prematurely

After generating some significant income, some business owners look into diversifying their product or service before investing back into the business. Before making changes to your business plan, ask yourself if it is a good idea and why you are doing it.

  1. Confusing Being Busy with Being Productive

Money is earned by working effectively with the resources you have, not running yourself into the ground to turn a profit. Identify what areas need improvement to be more efficient and profitable and set goals to improve.

  1. Not Keeping a Safety Net

Running your own business means your cash flow may not be consistent for the first little while. Without a safety net, your business could fail your first dry spell. Saving and maintaining at least two months of operating costs is a great way to give your business a chance during the first few rough patches.

By avoiding these common financial mistakes, you can protect your business’s future and transform it for the better!


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