Getting Through the Slow Season

Most retailers would agree that January and February are the slowest months for business in the year. Here are a few tips to keep sales going during the slow season.

Post-Holiday Sale – The months after the Christmas holiday are the best times to sell excess product. It may surprise you, but there are many shoppers planning for the following year, looking to get deals on holiday products after the holidays. Having a post-holiday sale is a great way to earn a little extra after the holidays are over.

Perform an Audit – The off-season is the perfect time to start planning and get organized. It is a good time to get an accurate count on inventory, see what products are selling and when. It is also a good time to review processes, making improvements where they are needed and get staff up to date on training.

Pop-up Sales – A pop-up sale is not advertised prior to, like a regular sale, which will keep customers checking in for specials and discounts on a more regular basis. Having a pop-up sale once a month will increase foot traffic and it is a great way to get rid of excess inventory from the holidays.

Referral and Reward Programs – Referral programs are a great way to gain new customers and reward programs will encourage loyalty and boost sales. Offer a reward or discount on products to customers that refer your business to others.

Slow months don’t have to bring your business to a complete halt. Get creative with sales and take time to review and regroup for the busier months to come.


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