Improve Your Business Website

Whether you are a home based business or actually have a physical storefront, your business website represents you 23/7.   Naturally, you want it to be the best it can be to promote your business in a professional manner, which in turn can assist you in turning more profit.

#1 – Clear Out The Clutter

The information your customers need may be on the page they are looking at, but if there is too much on the page they could be distracted and won’t find what they are looking for.  Clean it up by reducing the amount of flashy advertising and having a fair bit of white space.  This will keep it clean looking and less distracting.

Organize content so that it is easy to read.  Sometimes using bullets and sub-headings is easier on the eye and is less overwhelming.  Use graphics but within reason.  People love to share graphics and they do attract attention, but too much is annoying.

#2 – Check Your Speed

How many times have you personally left a site because it was loading too slowly?  Be sure that your own site satisfies your expectations.  If it is too slow, look into why and how to fix it.  Size of photos and other reasons might be the culprit and a quick and easy change may be available.

#3 – Go Mobile

More and more people are using smartphones and even tablets to search online, so being mobile friendly is becoming a must.  Many site themes have added mobile capabilities, so be sure that you are using one that has.  Remember, if your site is not responsive, your ranking in Google may suffer because of it.

#4 – Call To Action

Give your website visitors a call to action.  In other words give them a reason to connect with you by email, or phone or coming in to your physical store.  It could be a sale, a reason to go to your facebook page, leaving a comment on a product or service, signing up for a newsletter – something that will benefit them and ultimately you!

#5 – Promote Your Social Media

Not everyone will realize that you also have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.  These are great ways to connect with potential and current customers on a regular basis.  Make sure they know and make it easy for them by including icons and direct links.  Be sure to put them in a location that is easy to see, such as the top bar of your home page.

#6 – Purchasing Made Easy

If your website is an e-commerce site, meaning visitors can purchase items on your site, then the easier you make it the better.   The more pages and clicks they have to complete, the more difficult it is.  Trying to keep this to a minimum can be a challenge as you will want to provide them with various options for shipping, etc.  Check out other e-commerce websites and make note of what you like and don’t like about those sites.  This will give you insight into designing or updating your own site.

Remember that your on-line presence is extremely important.  It can be a great marketing tool for your business and it can help to create a relationship with current and new customers.  Spend a little time to perfect it and it will pay off !


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