Keeping It Continual

Marketing your business requires continual attention and effort.  Add to that the fact that the marketing world is continually changing and evolving and you can quickly become overwhelmed with the choices, the methods and sometimes the cost.   Arguments can be put forth that slow and steady wins the race, be first out of the gate with the new, stay with the tried and true – we’ve heard so many ideas we’ve lost track.

There are a few points that are important in marketing no matter what tactic you use.

  1. Your unique selling point

As a business owner, you should be well aware of what your USP is.  Every business needs at least one in order to stand out in the crowd.  Not sure what it is for your business?  Ask you customers why they frequent your business, what do like best about your business.  They will be more than happy to tell you and you might be surprised at some of their answers.

Once you have your USP be sure to use in whenever you advertise and be sure to mention it as often as you can.  Above all else, make sure that you continue it.

  1. Stay connected and consistent

In this day and age you must stay connected to your customers.  The old saying “out of sight, out of mind” certainly applies.  On a daily basis we see advertisements everywhere, many of which are from our competitors so if you are off the grid so to speak, you lose.  This doesn’t mean you have to place ads daily – there are many ways to make contact points and stay in your customers view.  A comment on facebook, a tweet, attending a networking event, engage with your customers and your community and you will reap rewards.

  1. Keep it fresh

It is important to keep your marketing fresh.  Using the same advertisement year after year can be interpreted as being a business that is behind the times, old fashioned, too busy, not responsive.  Show people that you have a business that lives and is in touch with the world.  Update your website, post regularly on your facebook page, ensure you keep your branding but freshen your ads on a regular basis.  A business that shows life will thrive.

  1. Stay truthful

Todays customers are pretty savvy.  They know what they want and have typically done their research.  Be sure that you have accurate information on your products and that it is reflected on your website and by your in store staff.

Don’t promise delivery in a specific time that you know you cannot meet.  Be truthful and potentially deliver a day early.  That kind of customer service will go a long way to creating a happy customer.

If you mess up, admit it and fix it.  Don’t try to place blame on a supplier or someone else.  Own up to the error and do your best to correct it in a reasonable amount of time.  Your business will gain respect for being honest and caring enough to make it right.

Marketing takes on many forms and is in a constant state of change.  It can be a jungle if you are not informed and if you are without a plan.  In the long run, taking a bit of time on a consistent basis to plan out your strategy will save you time, money and stress!


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