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Top 15 Business Ideas for Students

Student Entrepreneurs – Looking for a summer job? Why not start your own business! Besides making money over the summer, starting your own business means you’ll have the satisfaction of being your own boss and having business experience looks great on your resume, particularly if you plan a career in business.

Here are 15 business ideas that are low cost and easy to operate over the summer months.

  1. Pet Sitting
  2. Cleaning Services
  3. Delivery Service
  4. Grass Cutting
  5. Hauling Service
  6. Gutter & Siding Cleaning
  7. Garden/Landscaping
  8. Interior/Exterior Painting
  9. Tutoring
  10. Sports/Music Instructor
  11. Handmade Products
  12. House Call Geek
  13. Exterior House Cleaning
  14. Catering Service
  15. Car Detailing

With the Summer Company Program open for applications, what better time to brainstorm some summer business ideas.  Be sure to check out for more information on the program.


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Summer Company 2013 Wrap-Up

The Summer Company 2013 Wrap-Up Celebration took place last Wednesday, August 28th at the Cornwall Civic Complex.

As the Summer Company program comes to an end, the Wrap-Up Celebration provided students with an opportunity to meet with their fellow business colleagues and mentors for a last time before they head back to school.

For some students, Summer Company does not mean the end of their entrepreneurial experiences as they have indicated they would like to continue operating their businesses throughout the year.

We would like to thank all 8 Summer Company students, mentors and all who supported the program in Cornwall, S.D. & G. & Akwesasne this summer.

Even though we are sad to see this summer come to an end, we are looking forward to hearing about the future of the businesses started this summer and the preparation of Summer Company 2014!

Below are a few pictures of Summer Company student experiences!

Tycraft Creations, Owner Tyson Lafave








Bianca’s Jewellery, Owner Natasha Sayyeau-Ladouceur









LS Paint Correction, Owner Laszlo Szekely








Essential Esthetics, Owner Andrea Testa

Essential Esthetics, Owner Andrea Testa










Kait’s Cakes, Owner Kaitlin Morris











Little Bird Sewing, Owner Victoria Cotnam








Crystal’s Bowtique, Owner Crystal Primeau








Vibrant Vinyls, Owner Hager Kassab



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Introducing Summer Company 2013

Each summer the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre operates a program for students called Summer Company.

Summer Company is a unique program designed by the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment to engage, inspire and help young entrepreneurs prosper. By providing a chance to create their own small businesses, Summer Company allows students to take charge as their own boss, helping them to develop business skills early in life.

Summer Company 2013 officially launched for Cornwall, S.D. & G. and Akwesasne on Thursday, June 27th, 2013 with a showcase of young entrepreneurs starting their own businesses this summer. Over 70 people welcomed our 8 student entrepreneurs at the Best Western during our annual Summer Company Launch, in conjunction with the Team Cornwall AGM.

Take a look below to learn more about our 8 students and their creative businesses.

Little Bird Sewing by Victoria Cotnam offers handmade products such as custom sewn baby books, aprons, decorative pillows, personalized blankets, quilts and much more.

Tycraft Creations by Tyson Lafave specializes in quality hand crafted bird houses, book shelves, benches, picture frames and other items. Products are available at the Long Sault Farmer’s Market and The Market Place Flea Market on Saturday’s.

Bianca’s Jewellery by Natasha Sayyeau-Ladouceur offers interchangeable jewellery creations, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. All jewellery and interchangeable charms are created by the owner.

LS Paint Correction offers premium auto detailing services, including intense interior cleaning and exterior detailing. Owner Laszlo Szekely holds a professional detailing certificate and over 2 years experience.

Kait’s Cakes by Kaitlin Morris offers custom baking and decorating using fondant and modelling chocolate to create individually designed theme cakes. Fresh baked cupcakes and muffins are also featured.

Vibrant Vinyls by Hager Kassab offers screen printed vinyl products, including wall art, auto stickers, vinyl signage for business and customized t-shirts and tank tops.

Crystal’s Bowtique by Crystal Primeau offers handmade beaded and wire earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. Unique jewellery designed by the owner or custom designed at your request.

Essential Esthetics by Andrea Testa offers Manicures, Pedicures, Facials, Salt Glow Body Treatment, Massage and Waxing. Owner Andrea Testa is a graduate of the Versailles Academy of Makeup Arts and Esthetics.

For more information on Summer Company, please visit the CBEC website.

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Young Entrepreneurs, Make Your Pitch!

What do Facebook, Freshii and Mashable have in common? They were all started by young, ambitious entrepreneurs. These individuals took their idea, made a business plan and created thriving enterprises.

More and more young people are going into business. In Ontario, 40% of businesses are started by young people between the ages of 25-34 and 16% by youth under 25.

Assisting young entrepreneurs is an important part of the Business Enterprise Centre mandate. Young people who are interested in business are creative, determined and passionate about their ideas.

Right from the beginning, young entrepreneurs have an advantage. Generation Y has grown up in the evolving technological world and embraced social media. The ability to adapt to new technology is beneficial in any business start-up.  A new contest called “Young Entrepreneurs, Make Your Pitch” encourages students to explore entrepreneurship by using film technology.

“Young Entrepreneurs, Make Your Pitch” encourages students in grades 9 to 12 to film a two minute video to pitch their business idea. The video will be voted on by the public and expert judges. Finalists will present their ideas in front of a judging panel in Toronto at Ontario Centres of Excellence Discovery 2013 for a chance to win entry into the Summer Company program. This high school age entrepreneurship competition is presented by the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment and its partners.

This is a great opportunity for students to think about their business idea in a creative way. It fosters originality, entrepreneurial dreams and youth engagement.

If you are a young Ontarian, consider taking advantage of “Young Entrepreneurs, Make Your Pitch” and Summer Company, the flagship youth program in Ontario. They are both great ways to explore business and experience hands on business support.

So what are you waiting for? Check out “Young Entrepreneurs, Make your Pitch” and Summer Company for more information.

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Business Mentors Lend a Helping Hand to Young Entrepreneurs

Today we increasingly see more young people going into business for themselves. There are a number of reasons, including the freedom, flexibility and creativity entrepreneurship offers.

Young entrepreneurs have grown up with many of the new trends that have changed the way we do business. Internet, email and smart phones, for example, are second nature to many young entrepreneurs. What many find sometimes difficult to adjust to like social media, young entrepreneurs have adapted to quickly.

Even though many young entrepreneurs are versed in new technologies, they still need to conduct market research, create a business plan and develop a customer, marketing and financial strategy. Especially useful to young entrepreneurs is finding a mentor who will support them as they embark on this business journey. A mentor will provide insight into questions by drawing on their own personal experiences and connections within the industry.

So, how does one find a mentor? Some may already know an entrepreneur that can be approached to be a mentor. There are also programs offered in the area that combine financing, mentorship and education such as the Self Employment Assistance program or the Canadian Youth Business Foundation.

Our centre specifically offers a program of this nature called Summer Company.

Summer Company is a unique program designed by the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment to engage, inspire and inform the youth of Ontario and to help young entrepreneurs prosper. By providing a chance to create their own small businesses, Summer Company allows students to take charge as their own boss, helping them to develop business skills early in life. The program appeals to creative, motivated youth as it leads to personal growth and profit.

It has been very rewarding to see many young entrepreneurs successfully complete the Summer Company program. Some of them have continued to operate their businesses and some have not. But each and every one of them has gained valuable skills, thanks in large part to the community mentors who have participated in the program.

Mentorship is an invaluable tool for a new entrepreneur. For more information on the Summer Company program, please visit:

Summer Company

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Igniting the Passion for Entrepreneurship

If you are a business owner, you probably remember the day you made the choice to become an entrepreneur. Why did you make this decision? Was it the opportunity to do something you love? The ability to control your work schedule?

 As outlined in the February article Three Reasons to Choose Entrepreneurship the reasons why each entrepreneur chooses to be a business owner are diverse, but often include the advantage of being your own boss, and the passion and independence entrepreneurship brings.

In the next couple of weeks we will be announcing some exciting information about the 2012 Summer Company program in Cornwall, S.D. & G and Akwesasne. Each student that is participating in this program has their own individual reason why they would like to experience owning a business during their summer break.   They are all excited and eager for their business journey.

The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive in 2012 and we are excited to bring you information about their journey in upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!

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Our Youth Initiatives

As mentioned previously in the Summer Company category, youth initiatives are a part of our mandate at the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre. We are very privileged to meet young individuals that are eager and have enthusiasm for their business idea.  

I am very fortunate to do presentations at many of our local schools on entrepreneurship and ways it can be explored during high school and college years. During these presentations, I always put myself in the shoes of the student and pose the question:

“I would like to try being an entrepreneur. I have a business idea that I would really enjoy doing part-time after school….how do I begin a small business while being a student? “

These students are at the time of their lives when they are thinking about future schooling, courses and career paths. A great way to do something they love and gain valuable business skills is through the Summer Company program.

As Summer Company entrepreneurs, students receive a $1,500 grant for their business start-up costs and another $1,500 grant upon completion of their final reports at the end of their summer business season.  Additionally, each student receives hands-on business coaching from local community business leaders. 

Summer Company is one way that we assist young entrepreneurs to fulfill their goals and presenting entrepreneurship as a viable career option.  It provides access to valuable business resources, and a hands-on experience at opening, owning and operating a small business.

For more information on Summer Company, please visit:

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